Meditation and Me

Before I turned twenty meditation seemed oddly mysterious and looked like it would be the most boring thing in the world to do. Just sit? Why would you want to just sit and focus on nothing? I was busy creating art. Meditation made no sense to me. Then, over time, I learned that meditation was a way of cultivating a state of mind that could benefit me and my work. That was an empowering possibility. Furthermore, I realized that I was already doing my own version of it. My creative work is all meditation and it's far from boring. I feel very much alive and inspired when I'm in a centered state of creativity and flow. In the zone, as it's often called. While most people get stuck in the mind-made frantic pace of life, disconnected from what is, I do my best to stay in the zone. I create from this space so that I may inspire others to join me there, even if just for a few minutes. To share a little bit of my experience I wrote the following (above) and paired it with one of my designs when the inspiration for it came through. Below is a slightly longer version of it.  

"When entering into the central space of silence you’ll find that it’s filled to the brim with sound. That's the silent sound of the infinite which is palpable and alive and beyond anything our physical ears could ever hear. It’s where our higher-self lives and plays, just waiting to provide the download for our next inspired action. Consciously choosing to be in coherence with our higher-self is an act of spiritual maturity. It's also a matter of frequency. As the organizing principals of light come together to create infinite possibilities for you (microcosm) as well as humanity (macrocosm) we are waking up to witness the miracle that life is.  And as we grow and learn to tap into higher truth we're held and moved along in grace. Do your best to choose by placing your attention on the positive. Just do your best. It’s always enough."