How Art & Healing are Intimately Connected

Title: Mandala Rose by Leslie Montana
Watercolor on cold press paper
Paper 22 x 30 inches / Image 16 x 17 inches
Key Notes: Where Spirit Becomes Matter, Live at the Intersection 

When Spirit and Matter Are One

Flowers remind me of what's important while making art brings in increasing aliveness. As I paint, the center of my being is touched as I learn and discover more about the true nature of reality.

A quiet sense of awe emerged when I was introduced to the concept of infinity. I was just a child then, but over the years I developed a keen appreciation for the deeper aspects of life. An understanding arose that we humans embody as expressions of infinity in this tangible and physical world. Mind-blowing.

When we're distracted and busy with urgencies, emergencies, and things that keep us identified with what is not us, we tend to forget our true origin. We feel disconnected and become limited by our stories. No one likes it, but we tend to cling to our crazy-making programming until it's forced to leave.

Working with flowers, especially roses, I learned to re-attune myself to deeper levels of love. By trial and error, I found the connectedness I was looking for in nature. Environments that fed fear started falling away.

When we humans create, it can show up in such wonderful ways. In these instances, frequency has been given form in the material world. And that is what artists do. We midwife matter into reality in new ways. We rearrange it.

As appreciators and/or creators, it comes down to the same thing. Being touched by the numinous, that which cannot be captured and nailed down. The ineffable qualities are among the most powerful in life. Think; Love. This is what makes art so special.

Creation happens at the magical juncture between spirit and matter. The intersection of physical and non-physical. In us, it's where our body and energy field meets. In art, it is the same. A piece of artwork that speaks to us informs our energy field. It fills the environment with a kind of beauty that anchors the infinite. Beauty makes us slow down, stop, and smell the roses. We feel good.

We're always at the crossroads, that intersection where spirit becomes matter. It's our aliveness and connection with the infinite that make things happen. It's just natural that we are creators. How amazing is that? I think, very.

Leslie Montana

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Mandala Rose, shown below in progress
Key Notes: Where Spirit Becomes Matter, Live at the Intersection
Flower Essence Transmission Collection


Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers is a body of work based on a sophisticated visual analysis of nature's frequencies = LOVE. Ongoing, and now in phase two.