White Iris Angel

White Iris Angel, Spiritual Disentanglement 

Watercolor on Arches 150 lb, rough press paper shown in progress.
Image size: 13 x 12 inches, Paper size: 21 x 19.5 inches

Sometimes disentanglement is necessary, especially these days. We're all working on reclaiming our ability to live in authenticity, even if we don't realize it. Uncomfortable things come up, and we have to clear and readjust. As this painting came through, I needed more clarity and strength in a specific area. I had to disentangle from spiritual energies that no longer served me. This painting came a year after the first one and has a more powerful focus to it. The spin on this beautiful white iris helped me clear away a negative entanglement. I faced fears, stayed with it, and made it through. It helped me reclaim an aspect of my spiritual sovereignty.

Shown in progress above, and in various stages below. Watch me paint in the video below as I talk about my process for this painting.

Video below may take a few moments to load.