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Oil Paintings

Oil paintings range from the truly grand, to my gem-size Jewel Paintings™. Using traditional techniques that I've refined over the years, I'm in love with the subject matter before me and new paintings emerge, in living color, as if by magic.


Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor paintings are great fun to do. Fresh and translucent with a certain fluidity to them, I base many of my scarf designs on them. Original watercolors are available, as are my gorgeous scarves. Please visit my shop to find out more.


Drawings & Prints

Delicate black and white drawings are made with graphite on fine watercolor and / or printmaking papers. Are you just beginning to collect? This is a wonderful way to acquire original works of art of excellent value that will hold their value.


Apparel & Accessories

My longterm love of textiles has led me to combine my expertise in painting with fashion design. Apparel and accessory collections from Leslie Montana are available at select boutiques and online. Shop Now!



I paint on commission. Some of my most inspired works are made with you, the collector, in mind. Find out more about how you can have a painting made to your specifications by me, Leslie Montana. Email

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