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From Leslie Montana's Jewel Series: Shell Pink Rose

Sunflower with Bee A study in oil on canvas by Leslie Montana.
On my creative journey the appreciation I have for the exquisiteness inherent in nature continues to grow. It expands as I continue to work more deeply and uncover who I am relationship to nature, God, Great Spirit, the Great Mystery. I am inspired to explore as well as share the beauty I see emanating through these life forms— the flowers, plants and nature which are the focus of my work. Welcome to the garden of my inner landscape.

The quality of time spent on any given work of art is one of the most critical ingredients that goes into its creation. Attention to this ineffable quality is what makes a work of art speak and gives it its primary language, which is common to all souls, light. This light is visible on many levels. It is not something you think about, it is a quality you feel and see at the same time.

The focus of these works is as personal as it is transcendent, and is about enjoying the pure beauty and light filled qualities of what I see in nature. I follow my vision without any doubt and always find the potential to go deeper. What I see and how I express it comes through the lens of my uniqueness, my particular set of experiences in all of my existence and all of my lifetimes. I look deeply into form and invite the energy I see to coalesce on the canvas. As the painting forms it becomes a live tapestry of light that bridges the physical dimension and the higher dimensional realms of luminous light. It is an alchemical process and it is through this process of awake dream weaving that I create on canvas.

Every artist has their unique approach as far as creativity goes. For me it is a dynamic process that brings my work into being. There is a powerful kind of silence that engages my consciousness during my most centered and productive moments. This inner space has a quality of active, very alive, utter stillness. It is where I hear the voice of my creative muse most clearly.

I see an entire work of art in my minds eye before it is ever manifest on canvas. Yet even though the piece may be complete on a certain level it is always a process of exploration and discovery as it emerges into physical reality. I plan each piece using my imagination and sometimes a sketch to keep my imagination on track. Meditation centers me and when I have arrived at a place of “no struggle” I begin. A good description of how this process feels is “effortless” very hard work. For me it is as engaging as it is rewarding and the rewards are often extraordinary.


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Leslie Montana
Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers

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Leslie Montana
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