Exquisite Paintings on The Nature of Flowers

From Artist Designer, Leslie Montana.

Special Commissions by Leslie Montana

Making the world more beautiful one painting at a time

Creativity In Action


Oil Paintings

My oil paintings range from the truly grand, to my gem-size, take them with you when you downsize, Jewel Paintings™. Using traditional techniques that I've refined over the years, I'm engaged with the flowers before me and new paintings emerge in living color. As if by magic.


Watercolor Paintings & Apparel

I've always loved painting in watercolor because of it's delicately fluid and translucent nature. And much like the flowers I paint, flowing fabrics pair well with my textile designs. Display them as you would a painting or wrap yourself up in them. Visit my secure online shop to find out more.


Drawings & Prints

Delicate black and white drawings are made with graphite, also known as pencil, on my favorite handmade papers. If you're just beginning to collect or just love black and white and the depth it offers, this is a great way to acquire an original work of art. For details and availability email me.


Apparel, Accessories & Home Decor

My longterm love of textiles and graphic design has led me to combine various modes of expression with my paintings. Certain works lend themselves so well that they've been adapted for scarves, shawls, notes cards, pillows and more. The best of these collections are available at select boutiques and online. Shop Now!


Paintings on Commission

I paint on commission when the right clients and conditions present themselves. In fact some of my most inspired works have been made with a specific collector in mind. Find out more about how you can have a painting made for you through my creative sensitivity and vibe. Read about the process and details here.

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Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers + Fine Art and Apparel Collections From Leslie Montana

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