Liquid Rose, Acqua Alta, Giclee Print of Original Watercolor Painting - Leslie Montana

Liquid Rose, Acqua Alta, Giclee Print of Original Watercolor Painting

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Liquid Rose, Acqua Alta, Giclee Print of the original watercolor painting.

  • Signed by the artist
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity
  • Print size: 8x10 in / Matted size: 14 X 16 in
  • Sold Unframed
  • Made to order in the USA
  • Open Edition Fine Art Print, Giclee

My paintings are visual prayers alive with unique frequencies that bring beneficial energies into the environment they are placed in. Liquid Rose, Acqua Alta is part of my Flower Essence Transmission Collection.

Liquid Rose, Acqua Alta
Key Notes: Going with the Flow, Emotional Intelligence
The energy of this painting is about moving gracefully with emotional tides.

Reminiscent of the emotional tides we all experience, the waters of life teach us to go with the flow choosing our direction wisely. Nothing is more powerful than water, and this element demonstrates how everything is mutable and subject to change, no matter its makeup. When we feel disconnected, lost, and uncertain, we can be sure we've lost touch with our center, the wellspring of life. It's the mind that gets diverted first, and then everything else wants to go that way. The usual progression occurs when the gap between natural ease and a buildup of tension becomes intolerable. We're tempted to act, no matter what, pushing the river to make things happen as if we're the doer. However, the doing happens through us. We are not the doer. —And that is what this painting is all about. Like the little glowing water droplets, everything is like a perfect little jewel on the canvas of life. To be continued...


My Liquid Rose, Acqua Alta painting functions as a visual prayer and high vibration flower essence transmission and can have a positive affect on people who see it and the environment it's placed in.

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