BAROQUE Chiffon Scarf in Royal Blue, Yellow, Turquoise - Leslie Montana

BAROQUE Chiffon Scarf in Royal Blue, Yellow, Turquoise

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BAROQUE Chiffon Scarf in Royal Blue, Yellow, Turquoise by Leslie Montana, Green Alchemista Collection.

SCARF SIZE: 16.5 x 71.5 inches (42 x 181 cm) 
My Chiffon Scarf is designed to be a luxurious, high vibration wardrobe item that's easy-to-care-for and a unique addition to your wardrobe. Wrinkle resistant and practical, it's great for travel and/or long days at the office. Wear it draped around your neck, or as a head scarf. It's one of the best way to dress up an outfit and your mood. Now you can add that dash of High Vibration in style with my BAROQUE design as scarves and accessories. Not just for special occasions.

As an artist and designer I'm in love with the flowing natural patterns of nature. Bringing my designs to fabric, making them tactile, practical and wearable is a joy and one of my creative passions. The process includes choosing fabrics that drape well, feel good to touch and are a pleasure to wear. Sustainable and humane practices for production are a must as far as I'm concerned and an integral part of bringing my products to market.

Read more about the BAROQUE design and its evolution here. It's one of our most popular designs and a top-pick for gift giving because it's compatible with most skin tones and hair colors.