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Thank you for your interest in working with me. I trust you've been led here for a reason, so rather than offer you a pre-packaged curriculum, my approach is holistic and all about meeting you where you are. It's all about forming a working relationship that supports your journey as the unique creative being you are.

For all of us, the artist inside must be brought into balance with our ability to express ourselves in the phenomenal world. This is one of the main mechanisms of creativity. It can mean the further development of skills, understanding the underlying workings of materials, and also, of course, techniques.

But there's so much more to this than just handling our materials and producing great works of art. There are foundational components that are invisible, yet inform the visible. The creative impulse, for instance. That feeling that makes us want to paint, draw, and create, and the various layers of reality, bandwidths of frequency we exist on, all of which need smooth pathways to integrate, mesh and become physical. To become the works of art we desire to create. Alignment and grounding are key factors.

My programs are designed to help you to become more aware of these components and grow as an artist. This process happens naturally, but when you work with me, may accelerate. Whatever may be obscuring your path will then be outshone by your light. The light is your teacher and will show you the way ultimately. I just help you make more room for it to operate, and show up in your work. It's all about your light becoming brighter.

Working with me is a high-level, intense but gentle, multidimensional learning experience. As a long-time explorer of alternative healing methods, I'm a born-seer. I became a Reiki Master over 25 years ago, and I'm a natural healer. I bring a wealth of experience to the table that allows me to be present with you in ways that help you make progress.

Owning our creativity is important and non-negotiable as far as I'm concerned. It's an important source of power, and my underlying goal is to strengthen your connection to it and your connection to yourself. As your skills develop under my guidance, it's not unusual for horizons to broaden on many levels. The world can open up in new ways as you begin to explore more of your gifts. Having the right mindset and sustainable practices to carry you along ensures this, and will power up your ability to create more masterfully in your chosen medium.

My learning programs are based primarily on live contact via video conference, or in person, so I've implemented an application process. This helps me place students in the groups that are most suitable for them. So I appreciate your willingness to share with me where you are in your creative journey.

I invite you to take some quiet time using the prompts below to help you get started. Links to your website, Facebook, and Instagram are welcome. I'd like to see your work. During the application process, I may invite you to meet with me via a brief Zoom call. It's a wonderfully connected world we live in these days and we can use technology to our advantage.

I look forward to hearing from you as long-held dreams get ready to take flight.

All my best,

Leslie Montana


You can send me your message here, or by email, if you have my address.

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Optional: Writing prompts to help you get started

1) I love painting but:

2) I have skills but:

3) I'm good at this but:

4) I love making art but:

5) What I love about my art is:

6) Where I want to excel is:

7) I feel I could really move ahead in my work if:

8) I need support in the areas of:

9) I'm spiritual in my approach to making art in that I:

10) If I could work with Leslie I would want to focus on:

11) My creative strengths are:

12) I need help with:

13) There's something inside me that needs expression and I feel I could do this through my artwork if only I could: