Striped Iris in Purple & White

Title: Striped Iris Purple & White | Medium: Oil on Board | Jewel series

Striped Iris, Purple & White is a small format oil painting on archival birch board. Painted in a relatively loose and fluid style, subtle but visible brush strokes are visible throughout. Bearded irises fascinate me. Especially the ones with vivid stripes and spots. It's as if the flower itself has been painted, and then I'm adding to it by painting the stripes a second time. I find these blossoms to be the most visually captivating of all irises.

This painting, early in phase II of Montana’s long-standing body of work “Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers” represents a deepening commitment of the artist's life-long focus on creation and our relationship to Mother Nature. “Striped Iris, Purple & White is a study of contrast and pattern represented by brushy strokes of oil paint on an archival wooden panel. Metaphorically, patterns-in-contrast are what we see and feel all around us, all the time. Humans contribute to this atmosphere by emitting patterns of thought and emotion which in turn has a direct effect on our personal and collective atmosphere. Striped Iris, Purple & White helps us to remember how to work with these patterns and create with them in mutually beneficial ways. In the case of Striped Iris, Purple & White, contrast patterns are of a beautiful, flowing, and harmonious nature. That’s what attracted me to this beautiful flower in the first place."

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