Organic Cotton Shawls / Frequency Matters Collection


Hi there! I'm Leslie Montana, the artist-painter. But did you know, I love fabric. I've been playing with cloth and sewing notions since I was a tiny tot. My earliest memories recall how it took effort to coordinate my small hands as I learned to handle a sewing needle. My first project was a piece of orange cloth with a face drawn on it. I was the art director as my mother encouraged me. I was full of wonder as I made my first stitches. Those tender, formative years paved the way for what was to come. That's me dreaming up the future in the photo above. Creative playtime is still very much a thing in my life.

To this day, designing and working with textiles remains an important focus for me.

NEW for 2024

I'm in the process of creating something new, um... pretty much always. But today I'm taking the opportunity to give you a peek behind-the-scenes and share some pre-production perks with you. My Frequency Matters Collection is the focus. I'm adding Organic Cotton Shawls to the mix. Made with an organic cotton facing that features a smooth and subtle sheen, my organic cotton shawls are printed with color-fast, water-based inks that have a low environmental impact. They're lined with plush, heavy-weight cotton flannel in coordinating colors. Comfortable and cozy, these get softer with wear. They are elegant yet washable, and made for real life. I wear mine indoors around my shoulders as soon as the weather gets cool. If you're sensitive you may feel the energy circuitry of the design.

My designs are built upon the formulae that life and healing follow most naturally. It's always a moment of magic when that infinity pattern touches and transforms our consciousness...

Pre Production Perks just for you

I'm an independent artist/designer, and to get things off the ground I self-invest. However, there is a limit to my personal resources. So, right now in the pre-production stages, I'm offering special pricing to my friends, fans, and patrons. This helps finance my projects and gives you, the buyer, a generous price break. If you've landed on this page, glad you're here!

Below are the first Organic Cotton Shawl designs in this line. The vertical rectangle shows the shawl design. Each design is unique and energetically tuned, based on the numbers of nature. Use your intuition to navigate to what you feel most drawn to. That's usually the best energetic match. I'm happy to assist if you need some help.

Forest Flow / Pumpkin Orange lining. More info plus the energy signature of Forest Flow


 Sea Scrolls / Sage Green lining. More info plus the energy signature of Sea Scrolls


Inner Landscape in Sea Greens / Chestnut Brown lining. More info plus the energy signature of Inner Landscape

For pre-production pricing and details, please contact me. There's no obligation to enquire. I look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you a Beautiful Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year, 2024!

Leslie Montana