Mommie Doll, Birthing Education Toys

The Mommie Doll is as relevant today as when she first appeared on the scene in 1978. Following are screen shots from the 2012 website.

Hello and welcome! I'm Leslie Montana the creator of the original Mommie Doll. Birthing education toys for adults and children who are expecting, curious, and learning about their world.

I was just seventeen when I created her. It was as if I had re invented the obvious, and the obvious was somehow 
very different. Not surprisingly the Mommie-Doll has always been well received and loved, even by those who are at first a bit surprised about all that she is. And believe me, she has dropped a few jaws, often right after dropping her drawers! Lol.

I know in my heart the Mommie Doll is important for young people growing up in our sometimes confusing, and disconnected world. Like you, I believe children need to understand about life, their bodies, and where babies come from. A sensitive adult with a Mommie Doll on hand is well-positioned to provide age-appropriate, healthy, and foundational understanding. Touch, contact, and playfulness make the subject child-friendly, and graspable. It also takes some of the pressure off adults to deliver explanations to curious children.

Thank you for supporting my mission to educate children by empowering adults to do so in sensitive, meaningful and conscious ways.

Leslie Montana
Artist, Designer, Educator.

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