Getting Started


You're likely here because you cherish your creativity and want to excel in your ability to create the beautiful ART living inside you. You know it's time to take steps toward your dreams. You crave the skills and confidence to do this in down to earth practical ways. This is a good place to start. It's where it all begins.

Are you interested in art and how it can empower you in everyday life?

I'm Leslie Montana and my approach to teaching art is holistic. For me, it's all about meeting you where you are in your creative journey rather than a standard pre-packaged curriculum or tutorial. When you work with me, the focus is on contact, connection, and discovery as we coax your unique talents and abilities into the foreground.

To do this, I use a multi-layered teaching/coaching structure that includes live weekly video conference calls. To keep your momentum going, I also provide supplements for when you're on your own that includes a private webpage hosted on my website with materials relevant to our work together. If we're working on a painting in tandem, for instance, a painting you're watching me produce when we meet, I'll post updates of that piece along with other relevant material. This unique feature helps students feel connected, enjoy the process, and learn more easily.

You have the soul of an artist and you love creating.

You sense deeply the mechanism inside you that drives your desire to create, but you don't always know how to use it to the max. As a result, much of it remains internal until you find a way to bring it out. Aligning your inner world with practical skills so you can express yourself outwardly is what we'll be working on together.

It's an ongoing quest, a lifelong pursuit, and it's your passion for it that matters most.


You can start at any age, from any level, learn, and make excellent progress. A good foundation, however, is essential. Understanding how to choose and use materials and their underlying workings and techniques is part of the process. But there's so much more to this than handling materials and producing great works of art. Components within the spectrum of the invisible inform the visible and are just as important, if not more so. During our time together, we'll be exploring this.

Working with me is a high-level multidimensional learning experience.

As a long-time explorer of alternative healing methods, I'm a born seer, and I became a Reiki Master over 25 years ago. I bring a wealth of experience to the table that allows me to be present with you in ways that can help you in your process.

Owning your creativity is critical, and it can be a source of real power in everyday life. My underlying goal is to strengthen your connection to it, and therefore to yourself. As your skills develop under my guidance, it's not unusual for horizons to broaden in unexpected ways. The world just naturally opens up when you use your creativity in sustainable and healthy ways. Your natural abilities become more apparent and making art becomes even more enjoyable.

To help find the right program fit for you, I'd like to get to know more about you. I find that taking the time to interview each potential participant is a valuable step.

Please take this opportunity to ask any questions you might have, tell me about yourself, and show me your work. Share anything you'd like me to know about your artistic dreams and aspirations, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

After this step, we'll schedule a video call.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Warmest regards,
Leslie Montana


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