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Leslie Montana

I’m Leslie Montana, a visionary-artist, designer, and seer. When I'm creating it's an immense, awesome, infinite sense of true beauty that I'm immersed in. Flowers, plants, and nature, the patterns and colors I see all around me, and how everything moves and connects have always been a source of interest for me. The power of the invisible, what we call potential, and possibility, is what makes being a creative so magical. What does it mean to have faith in the invisible? There's a behind-the-scenes world where everything is in the process of becoming.

'Exquisite Paintings on The Nature of Flowers', a body of work begun in the late 1990s entered phase II in late 2018. Since its inception, the works of art in this long-term creative project have helped me to bring a sense of order to the chaos that is so very present in our world today. When visitors enter my studio and smell roses, and there's not a fresh flower in sight, I know the invisible is conveying its utterly alive message of Love through my paintings. I'm often reminded of this as I define and re-define what it means to be creative, and what it means to be an artist today.

It is interesting that as the pace quickens these days, slowing down can help us regain our balance as we reorient our attention to what matters most. Consciously created works of art are like living prayers, sacred objects and enhance our environment. There's nothing more important than connecting with the qualities that nurture and support us, our families and community.

Included in my offerings are original works of art, museum-quality fine art prints, apparel and textile treatments for interior designers. Each year I consider a few very special commissions. Learn more about my process here. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.