Dreaming Deva

from Leslie Montana

Founded in 2000, Dreaming Deva is home to an impressive collection of holistic home decor, body care products, and flower essences, inspired by Leslie Montana's lifelong work with flowers, plants, and Mother Nature. With insightful messages and Montana's vibrationally attuned line-up of body care products, Dreaming Deva is committed to providing high-vibration items to enhance everyday life. Learn more about the intelligence of Mother Nature, micro-sacred geometry, what it is and why it works, the devas, and how life is enhanced by acknowledging their presence.

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How It All Started

Maybe as a fun-loving kind of jest, my muse brought the name Dreaming Deva to me on April Fools Day in the year 2000. It arrived with energy that said listen, watch, breathe and learn. And naturally, I've been doing just that. 

The origin of April Fools Day is questionable, but I associate it with the Fool in the tarot deck, which seems fitting. April first and the birth of Dreaming Deva is all about following our inner knowing with trust and wild abandon. Also known as intuition, our guidance doesn't need to make sense to anyone but us. Its directive is broadcast from the sacred space of the infinite within, which is where we come from. Our connection to source, the all-and-the-everything is our only authority and true guide. 

These days the paradigm shift we are all participating in invites us to reclaim our relationship to the energy of source directly. Our rock and stability, it's really the only thing we have to hold onto. As we're unplugging from secondary power systems, the process of ascension can be challenging and sometimes confusing. The products from my Dreaming Deva collection, along with messages from Mother Nature have been created to shed light on the path as you enjoy them.

The Birth of Dreaming Deva and its mystical naming showed that spirit was nudging me to create something new and was moving things along with a sense of humor. I wasn't sure what would come next but in the days, months and years to come, an organized plan unfolded as it all became a tangible reality. More to come! Please subscribe to MUSE NEWS for our grand re-opening and new website launch. Thanks for visiting!

Leslie Montana