Dreaming Deva

Synchronicty Zinnia from the Dreaming Deva collection by Leslie Montana Project

from Leslie Montana

Founded in the year 2000, Dreaming Deva is home to an impressive collection of home, fashion and body care products inspired by Leslie Montana's lifelong work with flowers, plants and Mother Nature. With insightful messages as well as Montana's vibrationally attuned line-up of flower essences, Dreaming Deva is committed to providing high vibration products for the enhancement of your everyday life. Learn more about the intelligence of nature, sacred geometry and why it works, the devas, and how your life can be enhanced by acknowledging their presence. Coming in 2020! Stay tuned for the NEW www.dreamingdeva.com. Be sure to add yourself to our mailing list to be notified of our grand re-opening.

Our Humble Beginnings
Maybe as a fun-loving kind of jest, my muse brought the name Dreaming Deva to me on April Fools day in the year 2000. It arrived with a wonderful energy around it that said listen, watch, breathe and learn. And, naturally, I've been doing just that. Early on I came to learn that the origin of April Fools day is ancient, earth-based and likely pagan. It's associated with the Fool card in the tarot deck. April Fools day, is about celebrating and following one’s inner knowing with trust and abandon. It doesn't need to make sense to anyone else. The directive comes from the sacred within. Our connection to source, the All and the Everything.

The birth of Dreaming Deva and its mystical naming showed that spirit was clearly nudging me to create something new and was moving things along with a sense of humor. It's always entertaining to me as these things come into physical form. I wasn't sure what would come next but in the days, months and years to come, an organized plan unfolded as it all became a tangible reality. We offer all sorts of things from body care and home decor to inspired items for your special sanctuary.

Come along with us as we invite some friendly green magic into your life and inspire you to expand your sense of all that is truly good in this world.
Deva Blessings to You!
~ Leslie Montana


Excerpt from Natures Teachings

'Human beings have evolved alongside the green world over many thousands of years. We are opposites in many ways providing a perfect exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen. It is through our breath that we can reconnect to their magnificent beauty and even magnify our own. Next time you come upon a rose or other flower-ful specimen take a moment to visit. Breathe in its beauty through both you nose and mouth. And if you pay close attention you will find that it's the rose in fact, that actually breathes you.'