Artist Program, Advanced

Welcome, Grace! Please bookmark this page. I'll be posting updates here throughout your program with me.

Above is our reference material. A high resolution JPG and PDF has been emailed to you to print. I'm working size: 5x7, but you can make yours larger if you like. It's up to you.

A high resolution JPG of this drawing has been emailed to you. You can use this sketch, which is an underdrawing for the painting-study as a guide. A video of my drawing process is in progress. I'll be in touch as soon as it's ready.

The color chart above is a live link to the Daniel Smith site. It's helpful to study so you can compare and choose colors in their watercolor range. I use mostly single pigments and mix them as I like. But some of their combinations are good to have also. I also use Winsor Newton paints, but mostly I prefer Daniel Smith. Very high quality and richer in pigment.

The following links are for reference material from my workshop Raindrops on Roses. Print out, and use these pages to practice painting water droplets and rose petals. These pages feature a detail from my painting Reddest Rose in Rain.

To keep things simple, you can use a limited palette of Winsor Quinn Red (a very vibrant and bright red), Thalo blue(s), and Indian yellow if you like, but I think it will serve you to broaden your scope by adding several other reds and perhaps Perylene green. See colors above for ideas.

Click links to download the reference materials to you computer:

A) Reddest Rose - Detail in color, and continuous gray tones.

B) Reddest Rose - Detail enlarged, continuous gray tones.