Artist Mentoring Program with Leslie Montana

In this four week intensive program my goal is to help move you along in your creative endeavors in meaningful ways. I'll convey concepts associated with the way I work with an individualized focus on you, your work, and your desire to activate your creative potential. As part of this program, you'll receive energy upgrades which is a regular experience for anyone who works with me. I’ll talk with you about the practical handling of materials and how I go about executing a work as well as the more esoteric and spiritual aspects. Consider that discovery and inner work will be a big part of this process and know that I’m dedicated to supporting serious students in their unique creative journey.

Artist Mentoring Program, Individual one-to-one with Leslie Montana

General Outline:
The Making of Art— You and I will be creating artwork from the same reference materials, aiming for a similar outcome on both ends. In this case it will be a watercolor study that we’ll paint in tandem, at our separate locations. For the duration, we'll be in contact with each other as this artwork develops and questions arise. You’ll receive a link to a private page at that will be updated with photos, videos, and writings that are of specific relevance to help you learn, and assist as you follow along. I'll ask you to keep this link handy as the page will be updated periodically. You’ll receive notice when I upload new content. The artwork we create will be a study for a potentially larger, more complete painting. However, we’ll be focusing on a section of it as we explore key aspects of its creation and your growth.

• Duration: Four weeks, consecutively.
• Investment: $1,850.00 — Buy Now and Save $600.00
For your convenience, you can pay in 4 easy installments at no extra charge.
• Schedule: We’ll plan to meet weekly by phone, Google Meet or Zoom for approximately one-half hour to an hour depending on what is needed.*
• Leslie will be available by email, and you can send photos of your progress for comment, ask questions and receive critiques.

• Reference photo(s) will be provided as PDFs that you can download and print.
Alternatively, you can purchase hard-copy prints from Leslie Montana.
• The sketch that Leslie will be using will be provided as a PDF line drawing which can be downloaded to your computer, printed, and then transferred to your paper manually.

Materials & Specs:
• Size of the painting study we’ll be creating will be approximately 11 x 11 inches
• Choice of paper TBD
• Reference material TBD
• Recommended are professional-grade paint and brushes. Daniel Smith, Winsor Newton, and Holbein for instance are all excellent. More on materials later.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you blossom in your creativity.

Leslie Montana



* Leslie Montana reserves the right to determine how much time over 1 hour per week live contact is necessary and/or possible.
Not included
• Physical and/or Printed materials