Fractals, Art & Mysticism, The Numbers of Nature

Did you say fractal? What is a fractal, anyway?

From Wikipedia: The term "fractal" was first used by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975, though his discovery was first made in the year 1961 when he worked as a research scientist at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. Mandelbrot based this term on the Latin frāctus, meaning "broken" or "fractured", and used it to extend the concept of theoretical fractional dimensions to geometric patterns in nature.

Time for Change: Thinking back... It was the 1960's and the time was ripe for great change. Old systems of thought were losing ground and something new was coming in, loudly, to the tune of Rock and Roll. Many second-generation Americans, whose families had fled oppression at the turn of the century, embodied this movement with a certain and wild abandon. And thankfully, the system began to crack under the force of these souls as they offered up their truth in the form of music, poetry & art along with new ideas about spirituality from the far east and the indigenous cultures of Americas. Amidst the chaotic events of that period came the beginning of a much-needed shift in consciousness. As the energies rose rapidly and plateaued, the desire for freedom brought about change and the beginning of a new cycle of creativity and freedom emerged. The status quo was rebelliously challenged, questioned and experimented with. It's no coincidence that fractals were discovered at the birth of this movement. And today, almost sixty years later, though we live in the age of Quantum physics many are still stuck in Newton's world of heavy gravity and finite math. On January, 13th 2020 as I write this, the reality of the infinite mind beckons as we climb a similarly steep slope, ascending along the great spiral path of change.

fractal dictionary definition

Art-Speak. When you ask an artist to talk about their process it sounds poetic, and mystical. It's dreamlike no matter what the creation. Artists, poets, mystics and creators have been in the know for eons. We live for the dream and we were the very first shamans. To this day we dream reality into being while we're awake. Today we're learning that even if we're not artists this is how we create reality. For the longest time there's been little if any respectable context for it. So, for us artists, we've done our thing just outside the norm accessing deeper truths, while society carried on with, or without us. It's our calling. We're open to altered states of being. And if we've tuned our instrument (mind) correctly, it connects us with all that is. The all-and-the-everything and higher levels of no-mind and higher fractals formations of intelligence. These journeys reveal knowledge that is otherwise hidden. Better said, the art of inner exploration helps us recognize the vastness of life and how we may interact with it. Merging with the quantum field of consciousness is what a true artist does naturally. It's powerful, beautiful and magnificent, and the byproduct of those journey's may be called art.

True creativity is conscious creativity, and it can be a path for healing. Its fruits bear the circuitry of creation and are powerful doorways. The twists and turns the artist took are all imprinted in the artwork. Fractal animations illustrate this concept well. I was working directly with the algorithms of nature when I started designing The Green Alchemista Collection. Mathematically speaking, the Fibonacci series was the catalyst. I noticed how it brought my busy mind to a peaceful halt in the most wonderful way. It had a profound effect on my perception and psyche, and all I had to do was look at it to receive its medicine. My dreams were filled with beautiful moving shapes that both calmed and energized me. I was being instructed, my mind re-patterned, by these forms that appeared as holographic, intelligent geometric fractal-formations. Popular term: Sacred Geometry. At the time, circumstances were challenging, and chaos was in the mix. But as I resolved to stay focused and in my peaceful inner sanctuary, I was building a collection of designs and products that became the foundation of The Green Alchemista CollectionThe uniquely quiet space I found myself in was so alive and wonderful, I fell in love with it over and over again. It created a healing space within me that I could share. The products I designed were making people feel good in ways that were deeper than I could imagine.

The Green Alchemista Collection is relatable across all demographics, cultures and personal tastes. Each design series has a fun and fanciful story that I've purposely kept light-hearted. When you wear them, a kind of energetic flow is introduced into the energy field. It's subtle but present, and many people can identify it and relate. But you don't have to get the benefits. You can just enjoy their beauty, which is how it started for me. Don't think too much about it.

"Don't let the mind get in your way." Say the intelligence of my favorite fractal designs. —The mind loves to define things. It loves to describe and create distractions that take us away from experiencing. Name it, and you forget what it is. It becomes the label, which satisfies the mind for a short time. When we're honest with life, we know that it's the mind of the heart, not the thinking mind that tells the truth. We don't want to categorize life, we want to experience it. When we sense into infinity, the mind lets go of the defining, cutting, temporal knowledge that keeps us separate. Fractal patterns suggest infinity and therefore bring the mind toward a more open and viable space for life to unfold. Looking at them we relax and become more aligned to the coherent patterns that support health and wellbeing. We have more of the right questions and can receive the guidance that best serves us.

Thanks to Benoit Mandelbrot and Fibonacci, a medieval Italian mathematician, science is beginning to bring us home to that reality. 'Fractal' is a word that begins to describe the infinite patterns of flow, the laws of creation and intelligent life. From every cell in your body to the starry galaxies above, fractal geometry is the stuff of the sacred that is hidden in plain sight.

With all this in mind, I present a beautiful range of textile designs that have been made into apparel and accessories, all based on the numbers of nature. Enjoy them as you explore. Modern Talismans for the Mind™ From Leslie Montana, The Green Alchemista Collection. Feel free to contact me with questions, if you need assistance, and for wholesale orders.

Leslie Montana