Featured in my apparel collection as long flowing scarves and shawls PURPLE IRIS watercolor is the embodiment of spring energy. Such ephemeral blossoms, they are watery, fluid and fragrant film-like wisps of colored air. They remind me of fish swimming in the sea or butterflies with their papery thin wings swimming aloft even the slightest breeze. They're a part of the air, loved by the sun and almost all moisture. Rooted in the ground, they visit with us just once a year and are a potent gift from Mother Earth.

The exceptionally showy and beautiful, the flower featured in this painting was actually much darker many colors hidden within it's deeply pigmented folds. There's no way to capture it really, so instead, I focus on certain aspects of what I see and get curious about the color and its depth. For me, the process of creation is an intuitive exploration of beauty; one with never-ending depth. This painting was created with watercolor on hot press (smooth) paper. The turquoise colors you see in this piece are from pigments made from the actual semi-precious turquoise stone from the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine in AZ. This particular pigment gives PURPLE IRIS beautiful light blue accents I couldn't otherwise achieve. Please email gallery@lesliemontana.com for more information on this painting and to learn about how you can commission me to create a work of art for you or your organization.

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