The first painting I created while the Pacific ocean was visible, as well as audible from the back door of my home was this great big pink rose. With an abundance of flowers and fruiting trees, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and presence of nature where I lived in Laguna Beach, California. OCEAN OF LOVE captures the rising and falling movement of waves through rose petals, as well as the warm colors reflected in the gorgeous sunsets I saw each evening. To add to the experience of creating this piece, it began on my back patio amidst 50-foot tall birds of paradise. A sketch quickly moved to a canvas, and then many successive layers of paint, all with little to no visible brush-strokes. In fact, the entire surface of this painting was painstakingly reworked many, many times to capture subtle nuances. Atmospheric color and light are ephemeral and the successful emulation of that makes this painting come alive in any environment. Ocean of Love brings the beauty of a gorgeous, almost archetypal rose, together with the grandeur of sunsets on the Pacific ocean. Title: OCEAN OF LOVE, Medium: Oil on Canvas, Size: 26 x 22 Inches, Unframed.

Of interest: Oil paint and its various mediums offer a unique set of creative possibilities can't be compared with anything else. What I love about working in oil is the refractive index that can occur between layers. Glazing allows me to create deeply lustrous images that seem to glow, much like the subjects that are my inspiration. Light is caught and reflected back outward through translucent and glass-like layers giving works of art a deeply dimensional and lustrous effect.

Please email gallery@lesliemontana.com for more information on this painting and to learn about how you can commission me to create a work of art for you or your organization.

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