I created this painting of a rose, called DELICATE PINKS, in Laguna Beach, California with the intention of developing a new way of working with oils. I love oil paint, including the smell of turpentine, linseed oil, damar medium and all the rest. That with the feel of a traditional atelier is all I need with to get me going. I was born into it, and my mother's paintbox provided the material for my first experiences at a very early age.

Like many artists though, I had to find workarounds to this medium because of the fumes it produces and their residual effects. Eventually, I found that the typical brush stroke infused look came at too high a cost. So out of necessity, I began working in new ways. Over the years I've developed techniques that I feel can only be achieved with oil paint. The qualities I work toward include achieving a kind of luminosity that emerges over time as I apply layer upon layer with just the right amount of medium mixed in and in between. I'm always perfecting my craft so I can more adequately capture the amazing beauty I see.

Please email for more information on this painting and to learn about how you can commission me to create a work of art for you or your organization.

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