Meet Leslie Montana

Leslie Montana Artist and Creative Diva

Hello, there! I’m Leslie Montana. I'm an artist and I love to create things that are beautiful and pleasing to the senses. Beautiful paintings, design and functional items. I’m passionate about it all and once I get into a project it’s hard for me to stop. Hence the many creations you’ll see here and on my other sites. When it comes to self-expression, paint is my favorite medium of all. I use watercolor and oil paint mostly, and graphite when I create drawings on paper. Since the 1990’s flowers and plants have been my exclusive focus as an artist. I’m known today mostly for my flowers. I channel the divine in Nature into my paintings and the green world is my entry point. WWW.LESLIEMONTANA.COM

Green Alchemista Collection Fashion Designer

It happened... I fell even more in love with the Infinite and began designing a very special line of textiles. Innovation and fashion consciousness, emphasis on consciousness, it had to be universal and cross all borders. My Leslie Montana Green Alchemista Collection is the result and a culmination that’s been years in the making. Fibonacci, Fractal, and Flower inspired, my designs help call the mind back to center. A place of true power and stillness, also known as empowerment. And that’s why I call them Modern Talismans for the Mind™. When looking at them isn’t enough wrap-up in your favorites because #FrequencyMatters. WWW.GREENALCHEMISTA.COM

Dreaming Deva Formulator and Chemist

I’ve always been in touch with the fairies (yes, they are real) and when my skin became dry while living through several of Vermont’s coldest winters they told me just what to do about it. Dreaming Deva’s skin care line began to take shape along with a bunch of other cool things. The wisdom of Mother Nature came through as Nature’s Teachings when I opened to channel their messages and translate them into words and pictures. You'll find brief and poignant universal teachings that are accompanied by beautiful visuals in my collections of prints, note cards and other products on this website. Deva's are fairies and they help Dream the world into being with us. WWW.DREAMINGDEVA.COM

Leslie Montana Artist and Painter

Flowers and plants have been an elemental passion for me since my childhood in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, my earliest memories are of the gardens I grew up with there. The flowers often seemed as big as I was and the roses and tulips particularly captured my attention along with the bugs and butterflies that were attending to them. I played among peach and apple trees my grandfather had planted. The long entwined grape vines and vegetable garden also intrigued me. All of it, especially the roses, created a lasting impression on me that I brought forward into my career as an artist.

New York City and northern New Jersey were home to me for a long time. For many years the Statue of Liberty was never more than 15 miles from my front door. Then came the events of 9/11/2001 and the fear that then began to permeate my environment had me longing for a geographic sabbatical. To this day the love I have for my home-town, New York City remains as I move between the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, Southern California and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As far back as I can remember I've always identified myself as an artist. The body of work seen here on my website began to emerge in the mid-1990's when my inspiration soared and gained tremendous momentum after a creative rebirth of sorts. I found life taking me down a new path as I stretched several large canvases from which large and uncharacteristic paintings of single flowers emerged. A clear and direct wellspring of inspiration opened up inside of me and connected me to the world of nature and beauty in a way I had not experienced before. It was a time of great change for me personally as well as collectively. The gift I received from that transition was an ability to engage beauty in ways that were profoundly healing for me.

The focus of my large works is as personal as it is transcendent, and is about enjoying the pure beauty and light-filled qualities of what I see in nature. For me, there is a powerful kind of silence that engages my consciousness during my most centered and productive moments. As I paint I see an entire painting in my mind’s eye before it is ever manifest on canvas. Yet it is always a process of exploration and discovery as it emerges into physical reality. I see each piece in my imagination and sometimes a sketch may accompany me as a painting comes into being. A good description of how this process feels is ‘effortless’ very hard work.

On my creative journey, the appreciation I have for the exquisiteness inherent in nature continues to grow. It expands as I continue to work more deeply and uncover who I am in relationship to nature, God, Great Spirit, the Great Mystery. I am inspired to explore as well as share the beauty I see emanating through these life forms. Welcome to the garden of my inner landscape. Leslie Montana