Meet Leslie Montana

Leslie Montana Creative Diva

Leslie Montana, here! I'm Head Creative Diva at Leslie and Design Studio. I'm a painter, designer, formulator and all around renaissance woman who's passionately curious and interested in beauty. How beauty expresses through nature, math, and science inspires me to create much of what you'll see here and on my other websites.

Green Alchemista Designer

Leslie Montana here, as Green Alchemista. I became enamored with fractals and began designing textiles and home decor objects based on their mathmatic algorithms. Check out my Fractal Inspired Apparel Collection at Green Alchemista. It's a creative spin on my work with flowers and nature.

Dreaming Deva Formulator

Leslie Montana here, as Dreaming Deva. I've always been in close communication with Mother Nature, as she's my muse. Deva's are plant spirits and dreaming refers to how we can dream our reality into being while awake. I've got a gorgeous line of skin care products at Exquisite skin care formulation since 2001.